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Monday, October 3, 2016

Bible Quiz: Battle of the Wittiest

  • October 03, 2016
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October 2, 2016 The Sisters of Mary School Girlstown, Talisay Cebu City

Uhm, I dunno what to say,  Okey

Its my Lucky Sunday.
Saturday night of around 11 pm, I came home from work. I do some household stuffs and prepared myself to sleep. Later did I realized that the next day is the Bible Quiz. Battle of the Wittiest they said, without hesitation I immediately grab my reviewer which I've just bought from St. Paul store.

Time checked it's 2 AM in the morning. I'm so sleepy, I can hardly understand what i'm reading, better go to sleep. I wake up at 4:30 in the morning, woah this eyebag, Its a struggle to open my eyes, to getup, to take a bath woah!

Okey, 6 AM time to go without breakfast. I arrive at the venue around 7 AM since the traffic is just minimal. I get my book, do the last look while eating a snack.

The quiz should be starting at 8 AM but was move to 8:30 since some contestants are not yet around.

During the quiz to my surprise, not a single question that I've reviewed came out in the quiz. How to I manage to answer the questions? Of course being once a student of  the Sisters of Mary School, we have the biggest opportunity to read the Bible everyday for 4 years. I'm fond of reading and I've read it by heart, woah hahaha.

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